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Hairy Legs

I don’t shave my legs. That may be a shocking statement to some, or an inspiring to others. What do you think? This topic is something that I thought about after watching this video. To be honest, I feel conflicted about not shaving my legs ALL THE TIME. Western society has turned female leg hair into such a taboo that a woman with leg hair […]


Choose Your Own Reality

About a week ago, in the depths of the internet, I came across this little video: It got me thinking a lot, because there is so much in it that explains not only my own experiences and insecurities, but so much of the world. Sharing one’s own weirdness, thoughts or pains can only help – not only yourself, but so many others. One of the […]

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I’ve been taking selfies since before it was (un)cool

Eight years, to be precise! On November 11th, 2006, I joined Michael‘s little daily photo project, which since then has flourished into a wonderful community. Some of my best friendships are a result of dailyfratze.de. Participating in this project has become an integral part of my life, one I can no longer imagine living without. And last year, the English language has even gained a […]


Surfacing: Identity

Margaret Atwood’s second novel Surfacing (1972) follows in the footsteps of her debut novel The Edible Woman: it also portrays a woman who undergoes a transformation, albeit a strikingly different one. The Narrator of Surfacing has no name, which I think is deliberate: she has no identity, but she could also represent something bigger – all women, all Canadians. In the novel, the Narrator, together […]

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Back on the horse

If you have been stalking me and my blog since it’s early days, you may remember me mentioning my horse Daisy a few times. But I doubt both, so I’ll be glad to tell the whole story again. I also daresay my writing skills have become less immature since I last wrote about my childhood passion: horses. Yep, I used to be one of those […]


How the carelessness of homo sapiens might restrict them from building spaceships

We, the human race, are constricted to this tiny planet, located in a huge galaxy within an even more inconceivably big universe. The science fictional notion of trying to discover planets still seems like a thing of the far far away future, but will it actually ever happen? The rapid progress of the last hundred years might come to a full stop sooner than we […]

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