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I’ve been taking selfies since before it was (un)cool

Eight years, to be precise! On November 11th, 2006, I joined Michael‘s little daily photo project, which since then has flourished into a wonderful community. Some of my best friendships are a result of dailyfratze.de. Participating in this project has become an integral part of my life, one I can no longer imagine living without. And last year, the English language has even gained a […]


Five years of daily photos

Today I’m celebrating my fifth anniversary in the participation of dailyfratze.de. I have already blogged about my first anniversary, second anniversary and 1000. picture (with video) (and I’m kinda running out of original things to write about it). I’m very proud that I’ve reached this milestone of 5 years without missing a single photo, and I sure hope I’ll be blogging about the 10 year […]


New Layout: Accidental Egyptian

Summer, sun and desert heat – now not only in central Europe, but also on my blog! After one and a half years, a new look for my blog was more than overdue. Therefore I now proudly present this new layout* entitled “Accidental Egyptian”, named that because it accidentally turned out Egyptian. Entirely not on purpose! My layouts have a tendency to out out accidentally-something […]


DailyFratze und ich

Michael hat mich über meine Teilnahne an DailyFratze interviewed, das vollständige Interview kann man hier nachlesen und ich denke es wird nicht nur im Bezug auf DailyFratze interessant zu lesen sein. Ich hab mich sehr gefreut interviewed geworden zu sein, ebenso wie ich mich immer wieder sehr freue ein Teil dieser großartigen kleinen Community zu sein. Ein Leben ohne DailyFratze könnte ich mir definitiv nicht […]

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38 Things in my room

Angelica introduced her readers to all the small things in her apartment. I was very impressed by that idea, because as time goes on you tend to overlook all the little details, so I decided to pick up this idea. It was also a nice opportunity to try to find exciting photo motives, since I haven’t been on a photography spree in a while. So […]


The city and the people of New York

The last load of photos from my journey has been uploaded. It is mostly portraits of random people, unaware of having been in my crosshair. They can be viewed in this gallery. For now it’s back to life for me… sadly.