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Choose Your Own Reality

About a week ago, in the depths of the internet, I came across this little video: It got me thinking a lot, because there is so much in it that explains not only my own experiences and insecurities, but so much of the world. Sharing one’s own weirdness, thoughts or pains can only help – not only yourself, but so many others. One of the […]

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Twenty Sixteen and Me (and Games)

The year is almost over, meaning that it’s time for my traditional “what I did this year” post. The year of 2016 is universally hated, in my opinion wrongfully – it’s not the fault of a slightly arbitrary measurement of the earth’s rotation that so many bad things have happened. Many inspirational people have died, but many more will likely die in the next couple […]

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When Dream and Reality Merge

Warning: Slightly Gross Post (wounds, near-vomiting & bloody stuff) Yesterday I finally got around to watching the first three episodes of the latest season of Hannibal. If you’ve seen them, you might know that one of the characters there suffered from a rather severe stomach cut. So anyway, my brain thought if would be funny to incorporate that into last night’s dream, and I dreamed […]

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A Day in my Life

In what I hope will be the only really uninteresting blog post of this month, I will take you through my day. Today is a rather average day. Since it’s the semester break and I currently have nowhere I have to be at specific times, I have to make my own schedule. I usually spend the morning at university, because if I don’t leave the […]

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The 2014 Liebster Awards

Scotland-based German blogger Julia of 49suns.de has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you for the nomination! I have never really heard about this award before and had to do some googling to find out more — and I found out that it’s about showing your appreciation of fellow bloggers by answering questions and passing the award on. Apparently it is also quite international, […]


I’ve been taking selfies since before it was (un)cool

Eight years, to be precise! On November 11th, 2006, I joined Michael‘s little daily photo project, which since then has flourished into a wonderful community. Some of my best friendships are a result of dailyfratze.de. Participating in this project has become an integral part of my life, one I can no longer imagine living without. And last year, the English language has even gained a […]