A blog? Are these not things of the past? The golden days of blogging are over, there is no doubt in that. With Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as centralizing forces, all interaction seems to take place there these days. Even those old-fashioned people like me who still write blog posts (albeit very rarely) have to watch how their links to blog entries posted on Facebook receive comments on Facebook, not on the blog. That is a sad state, as it ironically decentralizes the discussion, but this sad state cannot be averted.

So why do I still have a blog? The answer is obvious: it is MY OWN. I can express my thoughts without constraints and they remain my own (as far as that is possible on the internet). They are not freely given to Facebook and soon buried in the masses of information overload. I quite like having this little island which accumulates my opinions, however meaningless they may be.

I hope you enjoy my ruminations and I invite you to share your thoughts – preferably on this island, not on the all-devouring kraken called Facebook.

Who writes this stuff?

A person who likes to go by the name of Adastra. Feels most at home in the realms of science fiction. Residing in the lands east of the Rhine. Circulating the sun since the clock stroke thirteen. Likes languages. Speaks German, English, Swedish, and very little French, Spanish, Hebrew, Mandarin and Old English. Wants to learn Latin and Maori. Usually does not write about herself in the third person.