The Grey Depths of My Bag

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closeThis post was published 5 years 8 months 25 days ago, which probably makes it incredibly outdated. It may not represent my current opinion on the subject, it may be an incoherent mess or it may just be way below the standards of my more recent posts. Please keep this in mind when reading.

As it’s getting harder and harder for me to not only come up with interesting topics, but also to actually write meaningful stuff about those topics, I’ll just do the easiest possible thing for today: show you my bag. I am a very untypical girl in that I never use a typical handbags, the kind that can only be carried with one hand and the kind that many girls tend to have at least 10 different kinds of. I don’t like those because 1) they’re unpractical, 2) they’re usually too small to hold all the stuff I need and 3) I get terrible back pain when I use one of those messenger bag types. So my bag of choice is a simple backpack. This is my backpack:


It’s pretty grey – I got it on the internet, where the color looked cooler than in real life. But it’s inconspicuous, just like the rest of me. As you can see, it’s currently decorated with a few buttons. Sadly, most of them don’t really agree with the amount of rain we get in Germany:


My bag has a lot of pockets and spaces. Most obvious are the two side spaces, one of which usually holds a bottle of water. The other usually holds my frayed old gloves which I wear on my bicycle when I go to uni:


The front most pocket is my emergency snack pocket. Usually I have a few candy bars in there for when I really starve at uni in between classes. Currently, it has one very sad, old and forgotten candy car and a box of Scho-Ka-Kola, which is caffeinated chocolate – also only for emergencies, such a really really boring classes in which I’d likely fall asleep. I haven’t really needed this for the last few semesters though. But a few years ago there was this one class where I just couldn’t stay awake, no matter how hard I tried…


Another of the front pockets holds a lot of random stuff, such as two emergency pens, some emergency mints (which I haven’t used in ages), emergency sunscreen, emergency deodorant, emergency five euros (I once forgot my purse and couldn’t buy any food all day at uni), an airplane refreshment towel, and hand sanatizer, which I actually use quite often. The little orange box contains more emergency stuff; emergency painkillers, emergency band-aids, emergency girl stuff, etc…


The final front pocket contains yet more random stuff. My sunglasses, two emergency hair bobbles, my purse, some chewing gum, an old USB drive, a box of my business cards (which I haven’t really used yet) and a variety of coins: two pence, a US dollar, a New Zealand coin, a 2 Euro coin and a chip for the pool. The actual coins are for the library, where I usually have to lock in my stuff because I’m allowed to enter the library. The lockers there require a 2 Euro coin, but I usually use the two pence because I won’t be able to spend it here anyway. The pool coin I’ve had for ages, I haven’t actually been to the pool in years, but I think it’s still got one or two admissions on it…


Finally, the depths of my backpack hold yet more random stuff: my rolled up rain pants, which I can slip over my regular pants when it’s raining, so I won’t arrive at uni soaking wet when I take the bike. Also, my fingerless gloves for the winter – I get really cold hands when I work at my laptop sometimes. A pair of knee socks, for emergencies when I’m really freezing (never actually needed them), a tote bag for shopping, a few packets of handkerchiefs, a cloth for cleaning my screen and a cable and adapter for connecting my phone to a car – which I need about once a year, but it wouldn’t really make sense to store them anywhere else. Finally, there’s also my little presentation bag, a ziploc bag with a remote and receiver for my laptop, as well as a VGA to laptop adapter and a motivational card. I needed that bag a lot last semester, and I guess I’ll need it next semester as well.


On an average uni day my bag also contains the following three things: blank paper, a folder with all the stuff for my classes, and my laptop.


And of course my pencil case, which contains… well, mostly pencils. And all kinds of stuff a student needs – such as for example a 20-sided die. Sometimes you just need to have a 20-sided die on you.


Well, that’s my bag. I expect your psychological analysis of me in the comments 😉

3 comments on “The Grey Depths of My Bag

  1. Georgie says:

    I just realised that I wrote about bags too in one of my Septemblog posts. More about cutting down to just having one favourite bag (why was the bag theme so strong? IDK). I used to collect quite a lot of badges/pins to decorate my bag with. My purse/wallet also had a chain on it because I actually hooked it up to my belt then put it in my pocket half the time.

    I think I was mostly intrigued by your emergency items 🙂

    1. adastra says:

      Haha, I usually need my emergency items about once every two years… but it’s still better to have them instead of regretting not having them on me…

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