The Magic of The Magicians

“Hogwarts for adults” is how Syfy’s new show The Magicians is popularly described – but it’s SO much more than that. I admit the parallels are pretty obvious; both The Magicians and Harry Potter are about a guy who discovers magic and proceeds to go to magic school. Both stories have a truly terrifying, seemingly omnipotent villain. And in both stories, the school teachers seem […]

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The Not-So-Smart Home

Late last year, my boyfriend bought a bunch of Philips Hue lightbulbs. Those are ‘smart’ bulbs — when you switch the lights on, they’ll just be regular lightbulbs, but actually, if you use an app on your phone to control them, they can do all kinds of stuff. You can set them to a specific colour or brightness of your liking, and each bulb that […]


I lost my coding mojo.

Over the last five years, I have become completely out of touch with the world of web development. While I have learned a lot about writing, literature and linguistics during my time as a student of English Studies, I haven’t had much motivation to take on any serious web projects. So ever since I quit my job as a web developer, my coding skills have […]


Color Crazy

A few months ago, I got an adult coloring book for my birthday – because I put it on my wishlist after having been infected with this fad by my internet friends. I’m not sure what attracted me to this activity – probably the pretty shapes and colors, which is only fitting for someone like me who has a diploma in design and lots of […]


Tutorial Time Management

I’m five weeks into the semester – and into being a tutor to students of English Studies. As you might recall, I was terribly nervous about this before the semester began. By now, I’m not that nervous anymore, but some of my doubts persist. In particular I’m having a bit of trouble with the time management of my tutorials, that is, figuring out how to […]

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How to improve your board game box

I got into board gaming a about ten years ago with a group of mostly English-speaking expats. After not doing much gaming for a few years, I got back into it a few years ago, which resulted in me acquiring a small collection of board games. If there was more space in our apartment, it might be bigger – as my board game wishlist makes […]